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Generation III High Efficiency Grate Cooler

If you want to get the price, please send us the detailed materials information, such as the hardness of raw materials, feeding size, you required output size, capacity and other special requirement. Our engineer will choose the optimum type and our salesman will send you the reasonable price. Thank you.
Generation   III High Efficiency Grate Cooler
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To Be   Negotiated1 Set (Min.   Order)
Application:Cement Industry
Automatic   Grade:Automatic
Warranty   Period:1 Year
We   research and develop the Third Generation Grate Cooler. Recently we provide   varieties of grate coolers types such as 500t/d,600t/d,800t/d,1000t/d,1200t/d,1500t/d,1800t/d,2000t/d ,2500t/d,2800t/d,3000t/d, 3200t/d,4000t/d. Such grate cooler adopts reliable and latest   techniques.
The   advantages that Third Generation Grate Cooler provide: Double inclined grate   bed, Three air supplying units (Over 800t/d) located in the first chamber,   The second chamber adopts the high resistance and low leakage combined box   inflatable grate plate material, Back cooling zone using high resistance and   low leakage.
Grid   plate: Long working service life/Good sealing quality of movable slip joint   compensation device
Product   Advantages:
1.      High   cooling efficiency and first-class unit area production of grid plate.
2.      Reliable   running system, less malfunctions come from advanced design and excellent   manufacturing.
3.      Long   service life of components, especially the grid plate (Service life is 3   years).
2000t/d   \2500t/d\2800t/d\3000t/d\3200t/d\4000t/d
2.Temperature of clinker out of grate cooler   :                        ≤circumstance temperature+65°C
3.Temperature of Secondary   air:                                  ≥1000°C(≥1200°C)
4.Temperature of third   air:                                   ≥°C(≥780~850°C)
5.Areaof grate and capacity of unit area :
area of grate   m214.515.520.125.527.934.341.145.758.865.769.575.594.4
capacity of unit34.538.739.839.24343.743.843.7642.5242.6243.1742.3842.37
area   t/d.m 2
total weight(T)707582879096120163187209223240302


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