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  • Q A dispute about international trade?

    A The arbitration institution refers to the arbitration institution which, in accordance with the agreement reached by the parties before or after the occurrence of the dispute, submits the dispute to the arbitration institution for trial and makes a judgment or award.
  • Q What's your after-sales service like?

    A I will provide technicians for installation and debugging according to user requirements.
  • Q Can I have a sample before mass production?

    A We will not provide samples except the product information.
  • Q Are you factory or trading company?

    A We are in the manufacturing industry.
  • Q What kind of Payment we accept?

    A There are three methods of payment: L/C, payment by collection and remittance.
  • Q Is there any discount for bulk orders?

    A If you order in bulk, we will lower the price based on the original price according to the specific situation.
  • Q What kind of certificates do you have?

    A We will provide six certificates for foreign trade personnel.
  • Q What is your MOQ ?

    A Our minimum order is for spare parts of equipment and starts with the whole machine.
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