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High Efficiency Chain Bucket Elevator 500

If you want to get the price, please send us the detailed materials information, such as the hardness of raw materials, feeding size, you required output size, capacity and other special requirement. Our engineer will choose the optimum type and our salesman will send you the reasonable price. Thank you.
Surface   Treatment:Spray Paint
Energy   Source:Other
Transport   Package:Wooden Box
Specification:bucket width 500mm
equipmenttypeDrawing No.CapacityMain technical   performanceLifting height   stageWeight   of head, tail and middle partDriving   part
(m3/h)(m)Driving   part of head and tailmiddle   assemblyMaking   method No.MotorReducer

High efficiency chain bucket elevator 500GTH500A7839.00A164Material   size:<60 mm≤206.310.392/G1Y180M-418.5385-ch    I52.63
Material temperature:<350°C
Distance between buckets:480mm
The lowest lifting height:6.424m20-306.43G2Y200L-430385-ch    I52.63
The highest lifting height:45.304m30-406.56G3Y200L-430430-ch    I52.63
Running speed:1.17m/s40-456.62G4Y225S-437430-ch    I52.99


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