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Hot Sale Medium Plate Feeder

If you want to get the price, please send us the detailed materials information, such as the hardness of raw materials, feeding size, you required output size, capacity and other special requirement. Our engineer will choose the optimum type and our salesman will send you the reasonable price. Thank you.
Transport   Package:Wood Box and Naked
Medium   Plate Feeder brief introduction:
The   plate feeder is widely used for selection, transportation, burndening and   other technical process in industries like mine,cement chemicals and   mtallurgy. It is appicable to loose, massive and big feeding process in the   production line of medium and large cement plants. This feeder can deliver   massive materials and realizes reliable operation in severe environment like   high temperature and humidity.
Our   company manufactures light, medium-sized and heavy feeders.The light,   medium-sized and heavy feeders manufactured by our company are respectively   applicable to continuous and even delivery and transportation from the   storage bin to the crusher, conveyor or other working machinery and container   along the horizontal or inclined sections. With respect to bulk denisty,   denisty of light feeder is no more than 1200 kg/m3 the weight is no more than 140kg, with the temperature no   higher than 350ºC
1.Drive   device
2.Main   shaft device
3.Tension   device
4.Link   joint device
5.Thrust   wheel
6.Lower   bracket
EquipmentTypeSpecificationDrawing No.Weight(t)Capacity(t/h)MeasurementMain technical   performanceDriving   partRemark

TypeKWTypeSpeed   ratio
Medium plate feederBL1000-121000×12000A9762.00A16.3150-29014160×4250×1510feed   material size < 400mmYCT250-4A18.5I   II I II I II I II I59there   are left and right assembly methods,looking from the tail to the material   running direction,the driving device in on the lelf,otherwise the right and   choosing one when put the order. If there is no remark about this, we will   use left assembly method
feed speed 0.12-0.24m/sXW18.5-9
Medium plate feederBL1250-61250×6000A9769.0011.6250-4808460×3915×1510feed   material size < 400mmYCT250-4A18.5XW18.5-959there   are left and right assembly methods and choose one when put the order. If   there is no remark about this, we will use left assembly method
feed speed 0.12-0.24m/s


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