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Ppcs96 Series Double Series Plenum Pulse Bag Dust Collector

If you want to get the price, please send us the detailed materials information, such as the hardness of raw materials, feeding size, you required output size, capacity and other special requirement. Our engineer will choose the optimum type and our salesman will send you the reasonable price. Thank you.
Medium   Material:Synthetic Fiber
Cartridge   Filter:Non-Woven Polyester Fiber
Filter   Bag Filter:The Filter Type
Type:Vacuum Cleaner Paper Bag
Usage:Dust Filter, Liquid Filter
air   volume(m 3 /h)669008070094100107600121000134500
filter   air speed(m/min)
total   filter area(m 2 )92911211308149416811868
net   filter area(m 2 )83610281215140115881775
No.   of room101214161820
total   No. of bag96011521344153617281920
dust concentration at inlet<1000
dust concentration at outlet30
dust collector gas under negative pressure<5000
pressure air for cleaningpressure(5-7)X10 5
gas consumption33.
pulse valvequantity101214161820
(with   solenoid valve)(set)


poppet valvequantity101214161820
(with   cylinder)(set)

sizepoppet valve   plate diameter:φ725        cylinder   diameter:φ100

rotary   valve and specification(mm)throat   opening:350X350mm,rotation speed:24.63r/min,retarder motor   power:1.5kW,output:30m 3 /h,2 sets
screw conveyorspecificationdiameter:φ300mm,output   per set:30m 3 /h,2 sets
retarder motormodel:XWD2.2-5-1/59,power:2.2kW
pneumatic   transportation grooveIf   dust concentration at inlet is larger than 700g/m3,you should choose belt   chute or dust collector with bigger size screw conveyor.
dust   cleaning program controllervoltage   input and output both are 220V,controller is matching supplied by the   manufacturing factory,details please refer to controller instructions.
filter   bag specifiation and materialdiameterXlength:φ130X2450mm,polyester   needle felt weight:450g/m2,using temperature:120°C


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